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PsychMetrica designs futures. 

We specialize in organizational human design and explores all avenues to ensure companies are digitally enabled, aware of employee behavior and invested in minds. We achieve this through psychometric assessments, image design, perception design, gamification of learning programs, virtual teambuilding, interview preparation, curriculum vitae design and professional advise.

We create skills for positions still to come.


About Us

PsychMetrica concentrates on the future of careers.  Preparing for a digitally enabled environment for both the individual and the organization.

Providing future aligned business advise through scientific methods, ensuring today and tomorrow remains applicable.



Career Design

Career design includes assessment of behavior, interests and personality.  It furthers the process by assigning measured skills to certain position outcomes and prepares the individual career paths for the digitally enabled environments.  Includes a perception accurate curriculum vitae customized to include ATS (Applicant Tracking System) requirements and interview preparation.    


Organisational Assessment

Includes Working Style Assessment (WSA), Experience of Work and Life Circumstances (WLQ), In-tray assessments focusing on effective application of leadership styles, Work-Related Risk and Integrity assessments (WRISc) which identifies toxic work personalities and providing solutions as well as Focus assessments which provide insight to attentional control and the ability to remain focused in the presence of distractions.

Gamification of Learning


Gamification of learning programs and module outcomes in various fields of development.  Gamification can be applied to assess learning and development as a measuring instrument and can also be applied to enhance the learning processes.  Gamification prepares participants for future position designs.  Available to organizations, secondary and tertiary institutes.

Organisational Product Perceptions

Understanding and evaluating product perceptions based on analysing individual choice and natural human behaviour towards product, design and colour.  The perception processes contribute to marketing organisational products based on accepted neuropsychological processes to increase consumer involvement. 

Webinars / Team Building

Training programs are designed to the unique requirements of the organization and individual. 

Team building are hosted as virtual events.



Technical Language Editing

This service provides the necessary Technical Language editing for Research Papers and will align career specific planning should any research be furthered.