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PsychMetrica is an independent practice specialising in psychometric assessments within an organisational context.  Investing in minds contributes to the success of any organisation providing support to both the organisation as well as the employees.  It is imperative to invest in human design to create a magnificent future.

About Us

PsychMetrica concentrates on organisational behaviour and the future of careers.  Investing in organisational assessments, enhances organisational competitiveness and sustainability while understanding individual differences within a working environment.  

Providing future aligned business advise through scientific methods, ensuring today and tomorrow remains applicable.



Organisational Assessment

Includes Working Style Assessment (WSA), Experience of Work and Life Circumstances (WLQ), In-tray assessments focusing on effective application of leadership styles, Work-Related Risk and Integrity assessments (WRISc) which identifies toxic work personalities and providing solutions as well as Focus assessments which provide insight to attentional control and the ability to remain focused in the presence of distractions.

Organisational Product Perceptions

Understanding and evaluating product perceptions based on analysing individual choice and natural human behaviour towards product, design and colour.  The perception processes contribute to marketing organisational products based on accepted neuropsychological processes to increase consumer involvement. 


Career Assessments

Measures vocational interests, differential aptitudes and personality factors aligned with career choice, subject choice, bursary allocations, selection and recruitment processes, person-position fit and developing future characteristics within the current changing nature of work.

Webinars / Team Building

Training on various aspects of organisational behaviour are provided.  Training programs are designed to the unique requirements of the organisation and presented as such.  Training programs can be aligned to the organisational assessments thus providing a more effective approach in maintaining organisational outputs. Team building can be hosted on-site or via a virtual platform.

Team build exercises provide organisations with the opportunity to provide personnel with the opportunity to develop team coherence and PsychMetrica specializes in team building efforts either whether applied for the success of team outputs or to provide a social opportunity for teams to gain a uniform understanding of each other and applying it in the organisation.


Technical Language Editing

This service provides the necessary Technical Language that most Artificial Intelligent Systems use. Technical language editing enables a digital Curriculum Vitae that is ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly. 

Curriculum Vitae Creation

This service provides the client their own customized Curriculum Vitae and directions to using the correct format in the specific direction or vacancy of their choosing 


In position development

This service will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop your current career performance. Skills such as how to manage time, how to get more work done, and how to develop yourself so that the quality work you deliver will aid in making you a ‘necessity’ to your current position.

Person Position Fit

Person-Job (PJ), is the analysis of an individual, to prepare and inform the individual what career option would suit them best. This service uses psychometrical testing to determine temperament and what skills and qualities each individual has. This is not an Aptitude Test.

Career Planning Guidance


Most individuals strive to find a career that is suitable for them. This career planning guidance service, will aid individuals to not only know what the final outcome of their careers will be, but also how they can improve and benefit from this. Planning and setting a goal in terms of careers is an excellent way to invest and succeed in terms of your personal career journey.

Interview Preparation


Interviews can be intimidating especially if you do not have much experience with them. Ms Smith, can offer guidance and training on how to be ready for every interview that you will face. Ms Smith has done over three-thousand interviews and also studied human behavior. This service is crucial, since first impressions are those that last.